Vision, mission & objectives


  • To work on behalf of the world's oil & gas exploration and production (E&P) companies to promote safe, responsible, and sustainable operations.


  • To facilitate continuous improvement in HSE, security, social responsibility, engineering and operations.
  • To undertake special projects and develop industry positions on critical issues affecting the industry.
  • To create alignment between oil & gas E&P companies and with relevant national and international industry associations.
  • To advance the views and positions of oil & gas E&P companies to international regulators, legislative bodies and other relevant stakeholders.
  • To provide a forum for sharing experiences, debating emerging issues and establishing common ground to promote co-operation, consistency and effectiveness.


  • To improve understanding of our industry by being a visible, accessible, reliable and credible source of information.
  • To represent and advocate industry views by developing effective proposals based on professionally established technical arguments in a societal context.
  • To improve the collection, analysis and dissemination of data on HSE and security performance.
  • To develop and disseminate best practice in HSE, security, engineering and operations continually improved by feedback from members, regulators and other stakeholders.
  • To promote awareness and best practice in social responsibility and sustainability.
  • To ensure that the membership is highly representative of our industry.