Arctic Committee


OGP has identified the Arctic as one of its advocacy focus areas, recognising the important role that the northern region will have in meeting the world’s energy supply over the next several decades.

This focus also recognised the substantial public debate on Arctic oil and gas in many constituencies often based on perceptions of industry’s ability to work safely and securely in one of the harshest and most variable environments on the planet.

The committee will:

  • Act as the technical and advocacy focal point for the E&P industry on issues related to upstream activities in the Arctic and cold region environments more generally, consistent with the principles of sustainability.
  • Develop a long-term strategy to address the key Arctic issues for the upstream industry.
  • Review and shape work of global importance being carried out within OGP standing committees and in other entities regarding the development of good practices and guidelines associated with working in Arctic conditions.
  • Monitor, review and contribute to international and regional regulatory and policy developments in relation to the Arctic.
  • Establish and support industry positions with respect to regulatory developments and, through the OGP secretariat, advocate and communicate those positions in close liaison with national/regional associations..