Communications Committee

comms_logo.pngOGP needs a clear, consistent and compelling voice with which to address external stakeholders as well as those within member companies and organisations. To address these objectives, and In recognition of OGP’s emerging advocacy role, the communications standing committee was established, with Michael Engell-Jensen, OGP Executive Director as the Management Committee sponsor.

The committee's mission & purpose is to work closely with relevant OGP committees in providing:

  • Guidance on the Association’s response to a wide range of ad hoc issues
  • Advice on building advocacy platforms, as needed
  • Direction on the continuing development of OGP communications tools, with emphasis on distilling and disseminating key messages
  • Two-way communications between the Association and its membership regarding emerging issues
  • Communications on OGP achievements on members’ behalf

It works with other committees to create, refine and communicate key messages via the appropriate medium, vet all external presentations, develop the OGP website and monitor National Oil Industry Association agendas to identify areas of mutual interest.