Environment Committee

EQC_Committees.jpgThe environmental performance of the upstream industry globally is closely scrutinised by a number of key players including regulators, financial institutions, non-governmental institutions and other stakeholders. Regulatory agencies often set targets and limits for performance that are challenging and opaque in terms of their technical justification.

In addition to responding to external pressures, OGP members are committed to improving performance through development of better operating practices.

The Environment Committee aims to co-ordinate and represent the E&P industry on environmental issues of international significance. In particular these include:

  • Monitoring issues and providing input on relevant developments to international bodies/authorities/regulators
  • Developing and advocating industry positions
  • Identifying strategic and emerging issues
  • Addressing common concerns and sharing and developing knowledge of the environmental impact of the E&P industry and improving operational practices based on that knowledge

In addition, an integral part of the Committee programme is response to regulatory initiatives in the broad range of forums in which OGP is represented. These include:

The Committee will continue to monitor activity across this spectrum and respond as required.

Subcommittees & Task Forces

  • Arctic Environment Task Force
  • Biodiversity
  • Environment Social & Health Impact Assessment Task Force
  • Environmental Performance Indicators Subcommittee
  • European Environment Subcommittee
  • Offshore Environmental Monitoring TF
  • OGP-IAGC E&P Sound & Marine Life Task Force