EU Committee

EU_Committees.jpgEurope is the world’s fourth most important producer of oil and gas after Russia, the United States and Saudi Arabia, although overall production is in decline. Looking ahead, there is the potential equivalent of up to 100 billion barrels of oil left beneath the surface in Europe.

Given the scale of Europe’s oil & gas production, the EU has a key role to play in developing policies and guidelines that help to frame the processes that shape exploration and production. Moreover, EU legislation influences investment in and construction and operation of facilities that import oil and gas.

European laws are often replicated elsewhere in the world and adapted to meet local and regional needs. The EU is also a large consumer of energy. As such, it understandably focuses policies and regulations on security of supply.

As energy producers, OGP members also need to ensure that there is also security of demand. Part of OGP's role in Europe is to gain recognition of the essential role that oil & gas will play in the EU's energy future.

The Brussels office, referred to as ‘OGP Europe’, serves the 38 OGP members that are currently active in Europe. The EU Committee steers and monitors OGP’s Brussels activities.

The EU Committee represents the interests of its members before the EU. This is done by engaging with the EU institutions on a wide range of energy-related issues. These include energy markets and environmental & social policies.

The EU Committee also performs an informational role, highlighting the socio-economic benefits of European upstream activities to the EU.

The EU Committee’s key long-term strategic aims are to facilitate:

  • The safe, responsible and profitable performance of members in Europe
  • A favourable environment for members to bring to the European market oil and gas they have produced elsewhere in the world

Subcommittees & Task Forces

  • Energy and Climate Subcommittee
  • Energy Market Subcommittee
  • Marine and Environment Subcommittee
  • Emissions Trading Task Force
  • Shale Gas Advocacy Task Force
  • Transparency Task Force
  • Best Available Technique Reference Document (BREF) for Large Combustion Plant (LCP) Work Group
  • Carbon Capture and Storage Work Group
  • Upstream Emissions Reduction Work Group