Standards Committee

Standards_Committees.jpgThe primary aim of OGP’s Standard Committee is to provide the industry with a series of added-value international standards that are globally recognised and used locally worldwide.

The Committee does this by monitoring, co-ordinating and influencing the development of international standards to meet the needs of OGP members.

This involves close communication and co-ordination with national, regional and international standards bodies such as ABNT, API, CEN, CSA, GOST, GSO, IEC and ISO.

Current Committee objectives include:

  • Continuing development of industry-relevant standards, specifically through ISO TC 67, IEC TC 18 etc. (OGP Report No. 4012 and OGP Report No. 4210)
  • Identifying and progressing the development of standards needed by OGP members, but currently not addressed within the ISO/IEC work programme
  • Identifying and addressing barriers to the adoption of ISO/IEC standards throughout the world
  • Holding regional workshops aimed at increasing knowledge and use of ISO/IEC standards and seeking new participation in their development, including ISO/IEC awareness and training sessions
  • Benchmarking OGP members’ work with and use of international standards (OGP Report No. 450)
  • Working with regulators and their use of standards (OGP Report No. 426)

Subcommittees & Task Forces

o   High Integrity Protection Systems Task Force

o   Systems Control Diagram Task Force

o   Instrument package control integration Task Force

o   Alarm management network

o   IEC 61511 network

  • Coatings Task Force
  • Electrical Task Force
  • Piping & Valve Task Force