Wells Committee

Wells_Committees.jpgThis committee will identify areas for improvement and focus on these to strengthen the long-term health of the oil & gas industry across the whole cycle of well planning, construction, operation and abandonment.

The purpose of this committee is to provide a formal and active body through which its members can share good practice to contribute to OGP objectives related to well integrity matters and its mission to facilitate continuous improvements in safety and the environment. Its scope is to review well industry issues; create and resource workgroups; work with other industry stakeholders, committees and regulators; and ultimately prepare recommendations and guidelines for consideration by the Management Committee and members of OGP.

These activities will include:

  • Analysing incidents and disseminating lessons learned and good practices based on shared experience, OGP becoming the relevant organisation to formalise the response of the industry in partnership with equivalent bodies in the USA or elsewhere
  • Through WEC, there should be regular and rapid feedback to the OGP Membership, the exploration & production industry, standards development bodies, manufacturers, training organisations, and regulators
  • Identifying and implementing areas for cross organisation co-operation (NOIAs) when implementing GIRG recommendations
  • Identifying, implementing and maintaining industry good practice, guidelines and standards applicable to well design, well construction and well management, intervention and abandonment operations during the life cycle of a well
  • Providing global industry regulators and stakeholders with a structured committee composed of senior representatives from the wells community to discuss cross industry issues that are relevant to enhancing health, safety and environmental excellence
  • Identifying, promoting and following up areas where technology could be developed to reduce the risk of occurrence and the consequences of another well control event and
  • Fostering the development of advanced well training schemes and industry work on behavioural and human factors in relation to risk assessment and mitigation

Subcommittees & Task Forces

  • BOP, reliability & technology
  • Database for Incidents
  • Training, Competence & Human Factors TF
  • WEC International Standards TF