Position papers

  • Exploration in Europe: Trends and Challenges

Report, October 2014

  • Open letter to the Heads of State and Government of the European Union on the future of Europe’s climate and energy policy

Letter, October 2014

  • OGP’s views on the evaluation of the EU rules on Carbon Capture and Storage

OGP is participating in the debate about the revision of the so-called CCS Directive. Here are our views. In brief: the Directive, as it is, provides an acceptable degree of clarity to investors for building and operating CCS projects in Europe. Before opening a discussion on the revision of the Directive, more work is needed on demonstration projects: none is operating at full speed -- some are in the early stages of development for demonstration, but final investment decisions are only expected in the next few years. Revising the CCS Directive now would most likely generate additional delays.

Letter, July 2014

  • Letter to the European Council regarding European Commission’s proposal for a new climate and energy framework to 2030

Letter, March 2014

  • OGP’s preliminary views on the European Commission Proposal “A policy framework for climate and energy in the period from 2020 to 2030” – including the reform of the Emissions Trading System

While the proposals are a welcomed step forward, OGP believes some of them deserve a reassessment to avoid the undesired consequences of the 2020 climate policy – such as overlapping targets – and strike the right balance among the priorities of sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply.

Position paper February 2014

  • OGP Position Paper on European Commission’s Communication and Recommendation on “the exploration and production of hydrocarbons (such as shale gas) using high volume hydraulic fracturing in the EU”

Exploration for new domestic natural gas resources, like natural gas from shale, should be supported. Shale gas production could help the EU economy – create as many as 1.1 million potential new jobs, relatively decrease energy prices and support economic growth – while providing a new, safe, secure and clean source of energy.

 Position paper February 2014

  • OGP’s response to the European Commission consultation on draft guidelines on environmental and energy aid for 2014 – 2020

OGP believes that the draft guidelines are a step closer towards the completion of the EU Internal Energy Market and a post-2020 framework based on a technology-neutral and market-based approach. But there is still some room for improvement.

Position paper February 2014

  • OGP position paper on country-by-country reporting

OGP believes that good governance in resource-rich countries is crucial for the delivery of long-term development. OGP supports the public disclosure of payments made by industry and revenues received by governments as one important element in our industry’s comprehensive commitment to transparency, fighting corruption and improving governance. Building on our experience, such as participation in the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), OGP supports Country-by-country reporting.

  Position paper June 2012

  • OGP position on the Commission's Communication "The EU Energy Policy: Engaging with Partners beyond our Borders"

With regard to the European Commission’s Communication from September 2011, OGP agrees that secure, sustainable and competitive energy is of fundamental significance to the EU's economy, industry and citizens. It will be of importance for the EU to have adequate instruments to act within the EU internal energy market and to promote its interests in relation to third countries.

Position paper May 2012

  • OGP response to the Energy Roadmap 2050 

OGP acknowledges the Energy Roadmap 2050 adopted by the European Commission in December 2011 as a starting point for debate on Europe’s energy future. To further achieve a secure, competitive and decarbonised European energy system over the next 40 years, adequate – and necessary – investment in energy infrastructure should be encouraged without delay.

OGP response to the Commission Energy Roadmap 2050 April 2012

  • OGP position paper on gas from shale 

OGP shares the International Energy Agency (IEA) belief that producing gas from shale operations can be carried out in a safe and sustainable manner while providing economic benefits. This paper sets out the position of the upstream industry on key issues of concern to stakeholders.

Position paper April 2012

  • OGP position paper on offshore safety regulation proposal

With regard to the European Commission’s Regulation proposal from October 2011, OGP believes that it could result in reduced progress in offshore safety performance in those Member States with robust, proven regulatory regimes.  There is also a concern that insufficient focus and priority would be given to improving systems in other Member States where this is a growing needed.

While fully supporting the European Commission’s objectives of further improving safety and environmental performance, OGP would therefore strongly recommend the objectives be achieved through a Directive.

Executive Summary February 2012

Notwithstanding OGP’s strong recommendation for a Directive in response, OGP has developed a set of detailed suggestions for amendments to the European Commission’s Regulation proposal on offshore oil and gas prospection, exploration and production activities from October 2011.

OGP believes that enhanced EU offshore safety goals will be best achieved by a non-prescriptive, goal-setting Directive that builds on current mature and established Member State regulations and learning from other parts of the world.

  Annexes February 2012

  • OGP 2011 response to the Energy Roadmap 2050 public consultation

OGP response to the European Commission’s public consultation April 2011